My Equipment…

I only use best-in-class drum and audio recording equipment for all of my remote drum recording sessions.

My full mic set up is live throughout every session, enabling you to mix close and ambient sounds giving full control of the final drum mix. All live mic files will be sent to you in the final package as standard, with no additional cost.

Alternatively I can send you a clean stereo mixed file for immediate use.

All drums are recorded in a specially acoustically treated room and a variety of mic placements can be achieved.

Please see below for an updated list of my current kit…


Sonor SQ2 vintage birch shell:
Bass drum sizes: 22”x16” & 24”x15”
Rack toms: 10”x7”, 12”x8” & 13”x9”
Floor toms; 15”x13” & 16”x14”


Always adding to the collection but currently:
14”x6” Prolite brass •  14”x6” SQ2 birch medium shell • 14”x6.5” vintage series beech shell •  14”x7.5” SQ2 beech thin shell •  14×6.5” Sonor D556 seedless steel • 13×5.75” Benny Greb beech shell • 12×5” SQ2 Birch Medium shell


UFIP Natural series, 1931’s and blast. 


Always adding to my collection but currently:
a mixture of Audix, Beyerdynamic, Shure and Solomon. 

Audio Interface:

Focusrite Claret interface into Logic Pro. 

Companies that I currently endorse:

Sonor Drums
UFIP cymbals
Code Drumheads
Los Cabos Drumsticks


Let’s make music!

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