Remote Session Drummer – excellent results for all budgets

Thank you for visiting the Remote Session Drummer site – if you are looking for dynamic, musical drumming solutions to bring your tracks to life you are in the right place!

My Name is Craig Bacon, I am a UK based drummer with over 30 years experience playing. During this time I’ve worked on many studio sessions. As well as this I’ve recorded remotely for international projects from China to Canada. I have also toured and performed with a huge range of artists, from Grammy Award winning disco legend Gloria Gaynor to recipient of the Sundance Film Composers Laboratory Fellowship Otis Taylor and the blues powerhouse of King King, the Nimmo Brothers and the Stevie Nimmo Trio.

I am now very happy to be able to offer a high spec but affordable remote drum recording solution for any kind of recording projects, all styles, all budgets, anywhere in the world!

Prices start from £8 for custom drum loops and from £50 upwards per finished song. All tracks are recorded using my absolute best in class drums and cymbals, recorded using the latest full spec recording equipment, and let’s not forget, performed by me – a professional, experienced, versatile, solid and creative drummer.

Remote Session Drummer Services Available:

Custom Drum Loops from £8 • One take demo tracks from £30 • Full album packages from £600

Why use Remote Session Drummer?

Musical diversity & experience

With over 30 years of experience, I have worked with a varied selection of artists live, in the studio and on TV.

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Bring your tracks to life

Whatever your project or genre, I can help bring your tracks to life with dynamic bespoke drum tracks.

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Awesome top spec gear

I only use best-in-class drum and audio recording equipment for all of my remote drum recording sessions.

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Are custom drum tracks expensive?

Not at all. Remote Session Drummer offer a range of options that any musician can afford. We offer affordable drum track solutions for all musicians, whether you are :

  • a home recording hobbyist, looking to bring your track to life with a live band feel
  • a DJ looking for a funky loop that hasn’t been used a million times before
  • an engineer that needs technically superb, high spec, top quality drum tracks for your recording artist
Is using Remote Session Drummer complicated?

No! The process is simple and we guide you through every step.

Is the recording professional quality?

Absolutely. I only use high specification equipment to record. You can check this out on the “Equipment” page.

Is Remote Session Drummer only for professional musicians?

No, I can tailor the service to suit your capabilities. I can fully mix it to your requirements or leave it ‘raw’ for you to mix at your own pace.

Do I ever have to visit the studio in person?

No. I offer a fully remote service that allows you to be anywhere on the planet while we get your project recorded and sent directly to you!

Will I own the recording once it's done?

Yes. Once completed the project including every layer of recording is yours to mix/master/play or perform when and wherever you like.

Is Remote Session Drummer affordable?

Absolutely yes! I have simple loops and fills that you can mix or use as they come for your project starting at as little as £8. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to build a track but a full custom track could cost you as little as £30. All prices are on application and will not go up during the process once agreed.

Can I choose the type of drums or cymbals?

I have a really wide range of kit available. You can specify what type of sound/set up you require and I will do the rest.

How long does it take?

That really depends on how complex what you require is, but I set a time frame and work to that as closely as possible to keep your project on track. I can provide an accurate time estimate after listening to your tracks so you can keep your project within budget.

Let’s make music!

Click here to get in touch with your request – I will get back to you within 24 hours.